The Gospel of the Kingdom

The Gospel of the Kingdom

What is it?  Is our gospel the unadulterated Word of Elohim?  Are we able to guide others into all truth, led by the Ruach haKodesh (Holy Spirit).  Let us fervently pray that the approval of Father Creator is on our message, our doctrine, our teaching.  It must be His, and not mixed with our cultural bias.  The word warns against our adding to or taking away from His Truth.  

My beloved Christian colleagues, I’m invited to co labor with you in the good news, and I gladly yoke with those who do so in sincerity.  I have a few differences with mainstream Christianity, and I set these aside to avoid contention in the presence of new believers and unbelievers.  God came to me in 1973, and I became born again and Spirit filled.  He has been guiding me into all truth ever since, the most important truth being “Christ in you, the hope of glory.”

 The truth of the ‘Messianic’ way of life has radically changed my perspective, much for the better!  The main differences here are the relationship we have with the teaching, original word here is ‘torah’, mistranslated ’law.’  We are not under the curse of the law, but are obligated to observe torah, God’s good instruction.  The Sabbaths are still to be observed, guarded.  The dietary restrictions are still for our good.  The nation of Israel is to be supported, America will perish if we do not.  No pre trib rapture.  Believers, not babies baptism.  Spirit baptism is not automatic.  Aramaic, not Greek, the original New testament.  Savior not born on christmas, most likely Succot.  The word easter is the name of a pagan female goddess.  Yahsua rose from the dead on the holy-day Firstfruits.  We’ve inherited much false doctrine from Catholicism and Protestantism, time to grow up and shed this.  

These misunderstandings drastically weaken the good news of the King and Kingdom of Immanu -El, God with us, in us!  

A strategy of Satan is to steal, kill and destroy all that is God’s.  An affective method of doing this is simply to replace.  Replace God’s Sabbaths, Holy days with pagan ‘holidays.’  Replace His good food choices with anything goes.  Replace the role of the house and nation of Israel with the ‘Church.’  

Replace God’s set apart names with substitutes.  God for El and Elohim.  Jesus for Yahsua.  Jehovah for Yahue. We still have to use these to reach our cultures, but to grow in God we need to have original unadulterated truth.  

No, I’m not Jewish, I’m Israelite, grafted in to the true vine of Yahsua.  All believers become Israel, the people of El.  

Now if we go to Spanish countries, we will initially preach Jesu Christo, pronounced ‘Hesu.’  In Arabic countries, we will initially speak of Yisa and Allah.  But the Muslim Yisa is not the true Yahsua, and Allah is not the true Elohim!  In English, initially the name Jesus was employed, however, the letter J was not present, therefore his Name was pronounced with the Y, after the Hebrew Yud.  Yahsua will be called by His real Name when He returns, shall we not teach this truth and it’s profound meaning presently?  Answer yes!  

I was saved calling on the name Jesus.  He knows Who you are referring to.  The power is not in the sound, but in the faith in the Person.  Name means nature, character, authority.  The names he has given to us all have meaning, and it is very important to Elohim.  We benefit from understanding this.  When we pray and do works and baptize  ‘in His Name’ it is to be in His nature, character, authority.  

If you or I go to a country and eat biblically unclean foods, we are compromising the gospel. "If an unbeliever invites you to a meal and you want to go, eat whatever is put before you without raising questions of conscience." I Corinthians 10:27. this has nothing to do with eating unclean pork, shellfish, shark, catfish, vultures, and all. Paul would not have instructed believers to eat against good and godly torah! This has to do with meat offered to idols only, nor eating unclean garbage. So, if your message of easy cheap grace is anything goes, I part with you on this. We probably should not go on the mission field together. it's important that we define our vision and ministry together, to present a heart and voice of unity to those to whom and with whom we minister. 

The full gospel is the whole counsel of Elohim, Beresheet to Chizayon (Genesis to Revelation).  Woe to those who preach not the gospel.  Woe to those who hear not the Word.  Woe to those who heed the counsel of man rather than the full counsel of Heavenly Father.  Woe to those who add to his Word.  Woe to those who take away from His Word.    

I’m working out many things.  I do tithe, but to whom?  I observe His seven yearly and 52 weekly Sabbaths listed in Vayikra (Leviticus) 23, but what is excluded and included, I’m still working on.  Working on whether family gatherings such as birthdays are to replace set apart gatherings.  Service and ministry are allowable and to be encouraged on Sabbaths, but not our regular line of work.  I got that.  

We may walk together for the sake of the gospel, and I gladly go!  But now I’ve made it clear who I am, and who you are inviting.  We may walk together, but just so far, then we may diverge on these issues.  Many will not invite me for these reasons, and I’m OK with that.  

Now my main calling is the gospel of the King and Kingdom using the language of music for prayer, praise, worship and fellowship.  The King Yeshua is in residence here, and I wish to make Him known.  To know Him and His abiding Presence.  I’m comfortable using hymns, saying Jesus, Church, Trinity, God, Christ.  It is what is understood (partially) by our culture.  I will eventually teach the original true names, when it is time for the believer to mature.  If you forbid me, you don’t trust me, and we will not walk far together.  

This letter is not to any one person, rather to those who know and love me in Christian communities, whom I also fervently love.  

Thanks for listening with forbearance!  Elohim has His way of leveling us all.  If we all have a common enemy, and a death sentence, it will certainly not matter how we worship, though it does matter to Father!  And what the traditions of man are included in our lives, in which we are entrenched, and to which we tenaciously cling, though El will forcibly remove them from our clutches at the coming of His Son.  If we in USA end up under Sharia ‘law’ or suffer death by the hands of islamofascists, as is happening to Christians in Iraq, they dont care if you’re Messianic, Catholic, Protestant, Coptic, as long as you’re dead or under Sharia.  Guess what, I’ll be alive, but never so under Sharia.  I worship the one true Elohim of the Judeo-Christian Scriptures, and will resist.  OK so I will partner with all these Judeo and Christian groups to resist this evil, however I will not sacrifice my identity as a Hebrew Roots Messianic believer in Yeshua.  I’ve only been trying to conform and be transformed in all areas of my life to Scriptural basis for over 40 years.  El Gibor, El Shaddai, El Elyon, El Roi, El Kana, Adonai Yahueh Tzevaoth, help us all, the Ruach and the Bride say, “even so come quickly, Adonai Yahshua HaMashiach!”  Love fervently, in Him, Who is worthy of all praise!  Brother Ya’akov, known by many as James.