USA My Love

USA my love, 

I’m so in love with this my Nation, how we have sent missionaries all over the world, and sent our best and brightest young men and women to defend not only our shores, but those foreign places unknown and little understood to our culture.  But we sent them, and they willingly went from us, from the shelter of our families, homes, schools, workplaces, to the uncertain futures that they may face, perhaps becoming wounded for life, or losing life.  Many, especially the young ones, did not understand the great call to love another as a brother, or give their lives away sacrificially before the sudden call to abandon any hope for self survival.  Then life was over.  And those left to grieve had to cope and pick up the remnants and souvenirs left behind.  


We have been truly blessed, truly inspired, commissioned to go into all the world with the light of the knowledge of the Glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ.  This will be our country’s heredity and future reason for being, and we will rise to the call.  This country reflects the purpose and mission of the very Bride of Christ, to bring the light of the good news of Emmanu- El, our Creator with us!

Her strength unequal to her task, rise up and make her great!  

America will always be greater than any one of us, and the Gospel will always be the highest call and purpose for any family of man, or nation, especially this who choose to be called by His Name!  

God bless our home, sweet home, shalom!