Heaven Speaks

by James & Mary Wirth

Released 1999
James and Mary Wirth
Released 1999
James and Mary Wirth
This music is our original Classical and Jazz influenced Instrumental, on Flute and Classical Guitar, with rhythm section on many. Some Latin Jazz influences will be evident, especially on the title cut.
Mary & I have an abundant life together given to us by loving Father Creator in Messiah. May we all increase in knowledge of His Majesty!
Mary & I met in college and began playing flute and classical guitar in 1980. We’ve been happily married since 1981.

Currently we’re working on our first Psalms CD. Many of these we have played publicly for years. We believe in the constant, abiding presence of the Ruach HaKodesh, Holy Spirit. Singing Elohim’s Word is the highest worship.

HeavenSpeaks James&MaryWirth;
When Heaven Speaks it's good news
truth reliable sound faithful thoughts
ideas impulses sensations emotions
movements of the heart
transform influence metamorphosize
voices none without significance
Speak for the Word became flesh and dwelt among us
Elohim, Light, Truth
Begotten not made
One in being with the Father
J&MW; thank;
Great Creator Elohim
Yahushua, Jesus, Word made flesh to dwell among us
Great family, ancestors, brothers, sisters, caring, trustworthy friends