response to Jenifer


Thanks, Jenifer! We need to be adept at re-writing, editing, revising, over and again! I have done that since my pre-teen years, writing poetry, lyrics, and revising them time and again. I might be able to find one of my original manuscripts, where I crossed out possible words over and over again. I do this still today, more than 50 years later. The main theme I wanted to start on this blog is inspiration, then journaling. 

I have this practice from when I was born again at age 18, to just open the Bible and sing scripture. I really believe anyone born again can do this. We may just not believe it is quality music, or to be shared. Truth is, it may be better quality than you know. Keep journaling, keep improvising!


Prose, Poetry, Lyrics



      As I think of how I wrote poetry as a youth, and from my youth onward, I believe music accompanies it in my mind. I'm never devoid of melody in some form. The driving force of words in lines is rhythm. This separates poetry from prose and connects to lyrics. As we want to be effective in lyrics, we must be practicing poetry and prose. We will benefit from studying and employing the devices in poetry, and this will result in the gift of song. All prose can be rephrased into poetry, and all poetry into lyrics. We must be masters of the word. How? Read, recite, write, revise. Be immersed in receiving the engrafted Word, which brings salvation to our souls. Journal day and night, listen, quiet, hear, experience. Discover the fountain of inspiration. 

We will write when we have an outlet for our creativity. Children are most hungry and receptive, and I just finished a semester of teaching full time at Covenant Christian Academy in Colleyville. I had 212 children, first through sixth grades, in 15 classes each coming to the music room twice a week. The desire and inspiration to try out new ideas with them were ever present, and massively inspiring! We did several public performances. I was constantly, day and night, writing and designing things to do with them vocally and instrumentally. I have saved copious notes of song ideas.  

Here's a poem I wrote about this experience: 

What happened. 

What happened to me
what happened to my heart
you came into my life, my days,
my nights and careful thoughts
the prayers and sighs and laughs and cries
and persons that thou art
an impression and refrain
to endure and to remain within my heart
our Maker used your healing touch
within my heart
can't thank you enough!
read sing dance pray
draw hug feed play
with your children day by day
discover fount of inspiration
they draw from you
you draw from heaven 
you happened to my heart