Songwriting Class

Wirth Sound Studio will teach an 8 week songwriting class June and July 2019. The class will be each Thursday beginning in June; 6th through July 25th, with the exception of Wednesday, July 3rd, rather than the 4th.  

The time will be from 7 to 9 P.M. Cost will be $15 per session, payable by Paypal, check or cash. $120 for 8 sessions, and the textbook is $15.99, so the total price is $135.99. You can pay for 4 in-class sessions at a time, at $60. My studio has limited space, and this will be for just 15 persons who have paid in advance. I have an acoustic piano and digital keyboard, with 7.2 surround sound. My lessons will be easily seen on the monitor and heard in Hi definition. I will welcome participants sharing songs that they would like critiqued in a positive manner, limited to 2 per session. 

You will learn: 

  • The inspirational nature of journaling based on God's Word to capture your ideas and sketches in a manner that can be passed on to others. 
  • Analyzing well written and enduring hit worship and secular songs and hymns. Why they remain celebrated classics. What strength they have in lyrics, melody and chordal accompaniment.
  • Theory and ear training-How to hear chords, scales and their relationships. 
  • How to bring more meaningful chord progressions into your accompaniment. 
  • How to hear and identify chord progressions, scales and modes.
  • How to find these scales and chords on piano and guitar. 
  • How to hear the various components of song forms. 
  • How to employ proven successful formulas.
  • How to build a song from the ground up, combining the elements into a coherent product that will engage the listener, making them want to hear it many times over and again!
  • How to prepare your song for production in the professional or project studio, and how to set up your home studio. 
  • How to communicate with and rehearse with pro and semi-pro band members on your songs, and how to prepare your arrangements and charts. How to avoid the costly time consuming mistakes made by professionals daily. 

Teacher James Lawrence Wirth has taught on collegiate and university levels since 1976, and has written hundreds of songs, arrangements and orchestrations since the mid-1960s. 

Our required course resource book will be "The Heart of Songwriting: A Comprehensive Guide to Writing Memorable Songs" by John G. Elliot. 

You can get it here for $15.99:

I have played with him during worship events, and he is well worth learning from! 

My resources, among many others, will be drawn from this excellent website: 

The 11 book bundle will be well worth your purchase of $37 for these E books, though you will not be required to do so for this course, and you will get much of the information that is presented in this resource. 

I will also refer you to a very easy and helpful free resource  You can begin looking at this right now! It will be tremendously helpful. 

My contact info:

James Lawrence Wirth 

Composer, Arranger, Performer

Multi-Instrumentalist, playing guitar, string-bass, mandolin, and lute.


560 Livingston Dr.  Hurst, TX 76053