response to Jenifer 

Thanks, Jenifer! We need to be adept at re-writing, editing, revising, over and again! I have done that since my pre-teen years, writing poetry, lyrics, and revising them time and again. I might be able to find one of my original manuscripts, where I crossed out possible words over and over again. I do this still today, more than 50 years later. The main theme I wanted to start on this blog is inspiration, then journaling. 

I have this practice from when I was born again at age 18, to just open the Bible…

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Prose, Poetry, Lyrics 


      As I think of how I wrote poetry as a youth, and from my youth onward, I believe music accompanies it in my mind. I'm never devoid of melody in some form. The driving force of words in lines is rhythm. This separates poetry from prose and connects to lyrics. As we want to be effective in lyrics, we must be practicing poetry and prose. We will benefit from studying and employing the devices in poetry, and this will result in the gift of song. All prose can be rephrased into poetry, and all poetry…

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"HeavenSpeaks" James & Mary's 1999 release!

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The Secret Potter

My newest work, a collaboration on Psalm 139 with songwriter Jenifer Molohon Mahler. I arranged it for flute, clarinet, piano and string quartet, along with her most marvelous singing. It will enhance your sense of the nearness, compassion, and lovingkindness of Father Creator God and assist you in deeply meditating on this scripture.

"The Secret Potter" now ready for download $8