1. The Depths

From the recording Guitar Fifty Years

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I wrote this about age 17. Having been influenced by both Bachian progressions as transcribed for guitar, and folk playing traditions. As to Bach, I had taught myself pieces such as the A minor prelude, the 'fiddle fugue' and many other intricate baroque pieces from about age 11 to 16 and beyond. I also retained folk and bluegrass techniques, notably, 'cotton picking', named after Elizabeth 'Libba' Cotton, who used this technique on guitar, adapted from African American banjo picking. I saw her live outdoors in Iroquois Park in Louisville , KY one summer. At age 90 she played folk songs, including her own "Freight Train." I was impressed that she played barre chords way up the neck, and so agile! I went backstage after the show and she consented to receive from me a hug. What a gracious soul!