From the recording Guitar Fifty Years

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The Lord Jesus became very real to me in my senior year in high school. The Holy Spirit came to me in the form of deep conviction of my lostness and need of salvation. Previously, I had been self satisfied, thinking my musical talents were extraordinary, and that I was assured to have a good future mainly because of what I could develop. But when the Lord moved on me to experience some depression just because of my lack of direction, my self confidence dissolved. I also got sick with strep throat for two weeks, which further pushed me to cry out to God. He gave me dreams, like nightmares, that made my need and aloneness quite real. I had previously heard the gospel presented in a few forms at various times, so I knew to call on the Name, Jesus. When I did, I had an instant experience of His peace and nearness overshadowing me, replacing my sense of self as the center of my life. I felt that I was passing from death to life in a moment, and for these many years His Presence has continued to sustain me.
I wrote this during this early time of my walk with God, later reflecting how in this season when I was born again, and the Spirit of God was breathing his new life into my soul, bringing healing and refreshing, the season presented a visible expression of what was happening in me. The warmth, flowers and vegetation, birds, perfume in the air. I was becoming truly alive! What a great Saviour and salvation!